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Along with the development of the times, drawing now does not only use paper as a canvas medium. However, now you can draw using digital techniques or what is called digital drawing.

Anyone can try to hone their creativity through this digital drawing technique. What’s more, now there are many applications that can be used for digital drawing just with a smartphone.

Here are five drawing applications on HP that you can try to hone your creativity through digital drawing.

1. Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X


Ibis Paint X provides more than four thousand brushes that can be used to draw digitally on this application. In addition, drawing in this application is also equipped with a stabilization feature that will make the lines in the image more stable even though the drawing process is only done using our fingers without the help of a stylus pen.
In this application, the drawing process will be automatically recorded into a video that can be shared to social media.
The drawing process in this application can also use several layers that can be adjusted opacity. There are also various types of fonts that can be applied to images for free.

2. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint


This application provides various types of brushes, fonts, and backgrounds that are ready to use. The background provided is quite diverse, ranging from the background of the scenery to the background of the scenery to the background that is decorative.
We can also take advantage of the texture features that have been provided in this application to beautify our images.
There is also cloud storage that can be utilized to move your work to other platforms and share it more easily. So there is no need to be afraid of our image results disappearing when registering on a new device.

3. Picsart Color Paint

Picsart Color Paint


In this application we can mix several colors that give us real experience in obtaining mixed colors. There is no need to be confused when you want to draw that requires the similarity of the right and left shapes because we can take advantage of symmetry features.
There are many textured brushes that we can use to create lines and color the images we want with certain textures.
Not only for digital drawing, this application can also be used to create our photos with hand scribbles that beautify. There is also an automatic recovery feature so that our images will not disappear.

4. Sketchbook



Sketchbooks give us the experience of freedom and nuance like drawing on paper. This application provides a variety of drawing equipment in digital form ranging from pencils, markers, to brushes.
Existing brushes we can adjust the size according to needs. There is also a ruler feature that makes it easy for us to create straight lines without vibrations.
This application is suitable for us to use to make sketches digitally. The pencils provided by this application are very complete and we can use to create stunning digital sketch drawings.
Types of pencils in this application include 2B pencils, 4B pencils, 2H pencils, F pencils, 4H pencils, and many other types of pencils that will support digital drawing activities.

5. PaperColor



PaperColor is a digital drawing application that is quite simple in terms of appearance and use. Users can enter reference photos that they want to draw in this application. That way, we can more easily imitate and create the photo into a work of drawing.
There are several drawing tools provided by this application ranging from ruler, eraser, pencil, marker, to paint brush. Each existing drawing equipment can be adjusted in size and opacity according to needs.
There are many drawing applications on HP that can be used to hone your creativity. Many cool features provided by the application so that drawing activities become more exciting. Good luck!
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