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Tantrums (2022)

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“The Blue Room Interlude”

Never gonna have what I want so bad
Does it make you mad I was the best you never had?
Cupid didn’t know how far I’d go
(To keep a green-eyed lover so close)
It would’ve been you that first night in June
But my daddy said I’m losing all control
It coulda been me had yellow turned to green
Baby, they don’t know what they don’t know
Oh please, I heard she fell from heaven for me
I’m drowning in the shower, gotta get clean
I never thought that you would be so mean

Taste the devilish mouth on this love that I’ve found
And I bet you wanna ask me all about it
Well, I cut off the line
Wasn’t true, but I tried
One more glass of red wine ’cause it taste like you
Take what I give, I was only a kid
Now I sit on this throne in my, oh so
Blue room
(Never gonna have what I want so bad)
Blue room
(Does it make you mad I was the best you never had?)
Blue room

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