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Sifu is an action adventure game that was released by Sloclap and Microids on February 8, 2022. This game was released for Microsoft Windows (PC), PS4, and PS5 which of course has a pretty good visual display. Sloclap itself is a French developer who previously succeeded in making a digital game with the title Absolver.

So, how are the reviews and reviews of this Sifu game? Is it true that developers have injected all sorts of brilliant things into it? Well, if you don’t have one and plan to buy it, maybe it’s a good idea to listen to Sifu’s review from the author below.

1. Grudges lead you to become a great warrior

Grudges lead you to become a great warrior
Generally speaking, Sifu has a very simple plot and narrative style. Sifu himself is a warrior title for the upper level. This game only revolves around a revenge mission against assassins who also happen to master qualified martial arts. Yes, here, you will be the main character with a sad past because the parents of your character were killed by his own students.
You’ll be running a male or female character—chosen before the game—who is actually also a murder victim. However, instead of dying as a result of being killed, the protagonist is actually resurrected with the power of an ancestral inheritance talisman passed down through the father of our character. Well, this is where the essence of this game goes. Rising from the dead is common throughout the game.
Don’t be happy just yet! The reason is that the awakening of our character from the dead will have a big impact, namely the growth of age. Yup, the amulet that is passed on to you will apparently add to the character’s age in multiples. That means, the more often you die in the game, the older the age of the main character. Obviously, this became one of the interesting concepts built by Sloclap even though it led to difficulties beyond reason.
At the beginning, you were only considered weak young people and couldn’t do anything. However, with the passage of time, we can grow into the most effective revenge-fighting figure with various deadly kung fu moves. It seems that the values of the uphill struggle described by the developer have become a sign that the weak figure will have a high level of determination and martial arts skills.
Although it seems simple and simple, when playing it, the author feels that this game has a fairly dark premise. That is, we will be made motivated to find and kill people who once killed our family. The plot set in this kind of grudge is probably still considered too shallow and concise by some gamers.
However, you don’t need to worry about the simplicity of the plot. Instead of being boring and attached to a repetitive impression, Sifu actually performed brilliantly and geniusly. Yes, he has been able to represent maximum revenge. The seemingly concise storyline can apparently be combined with various elements that make it epic and worthy of thumbs up.

2. Gameplay mechanics are the champion

Gameplay mechanics are the champion
In the eyes of the author, playing Sifu has become a preoccupation in itself. Not without reason, the game mechanics that the developer injected into this game can already be said to be very intense and far from boring. In addition, the movements displayed by all the characters also feel so responsive. For the martial arts theme, the author considers Sifu to be one of the games with the best mechanics.
When compared to other hand-to-hand action games, such as Sleeping Dogs, the mechanics in Sifu still feel much faster and more deadly. Attack, defense, parry, dodge, and combo movements can be done in a flexible way while having high damage. Moving with a PS5 stick also feels light and easy.
Well, above, the author noted that your character can die at any time and rise quickly. Yup, if the protagonist loses and dies, he will indeed rise again, but his age is also getting older. Once dead, the age will increase by 1 year. Twice die, the age will increase by 2 years. Three times dead, the age of the character will increase by 4 years because of the multiple system.
The age limit set by the developer is 70 years old. When our character dies at that age, we can repeat it at an old age or give up halfway to start over. What is the difference between young and old age? Here, the concept of logic is also constantly running. The older we get, the more vulnerable our character will be to injury. That’s why there are fewer and fewer health bars.
However, as the title implies, Sifu, this game also presents another logical premise. Yes, the older we get, the characters we run are also stronger, more experienced, and able to perform many deadly combos. This age limit of 70 years requires gamers to be wise in fighting. If you are rash and hit by chromos, the character’s age will not feel like you have reached the old age.
To make the game easier, you will be offered to learn the tutorial first. However, you also don’t rely too much on the tutorial. In fact, events in the field are sometimes very different from previously studied theories. Remember, the enemies you have to face are also very agile and divided into several main levels.
The higher the level of the enemies you face, the greater they will be. The dexterity of your moves and combos is the main key in winning the battles here. Despite it all, there was a chance or two the author felt that the character’s response was still quite slow. Fortunately, it did not interfere with the course of the game.

3. Difficult and challenging action game

Difficult and challenging action game
Despite all sorts of moves and deadly moves, Sifu is still a single-action game that’s quite difficult to play. In addition to the age-adding system that the developer entered, defeating enemies at the master level is quite frustrating for writers. The technical mechanics in this game are no less complicated.
One logical thing that would be accepted is the structure of the body’s resistance. That is, if your character is brutally hit and attacked, the body will feel bloated and lose balance. This obviously makes sense, but it also affects the level of difficulty because these kinds of realistic things can just make anyone who plays them scream in frustration.
Fortunately, the Sifu game still allows us to cultivate efficient defenses. Sifu’s defense system has at least some elements, namely upper tanks, lower tanks, parry, and dodge. The upper and lower tanks will make you survive light attacks on the top and bottom of the character. Meanwhile, parry can only make us overcome the attack lightly. Then dodge itself is a dodge move from the enemy’s deadly moves.
One of the things that makes the author quite overwhelmed is when facing bosses from each level. Almost all the movements and combinations they launch are difficult to guess the direction. Well, here you are, you are required to find out the weaknesses of these bosses. Although it is fast and deadly, apparently there are certain parts of the body that we can attack and inflict great damage to the enemy.
If you want to be more brutal in the style of a brawl, anyway, you can do it too. The existence of conventional weapons, such as knives, sticks, wooden bars, glass bottles, and machetes, can be found in many corners. However, that was, the higher the level of the enemy faced, the more brutal and consistent they will be in attacking us. So, again, be wise in fighting and don’t overthrow your lifespan for just one stage.

4. Just the right graphics and audio

Just the right graphics and audio


At first, the author felt that the graphics displayed were too simple to play on the PS5 console. However, after playing it intensely, the author only realized that all the movements and combo systems produced must indeed be represented with the right graphics. Of course, this game puts forward a realistic-looking fighting mechanism.
That’s why, it’s impossible for developers to create realistic kung fu games with a visual style like Mortal Kombat or Grand Theft Auto. If you have played it for a few hours, you will also feel that the visual style carried by Sloclap actually features many typical animations like kung fu movies. In addition to a smooth look, Sifu also offers a fairly rich coloring system.
Make no mistake, the richness of colors displayed in Sifu is still calm and certainly far from being tacky. So, what’s the most fun thing to get with this kind of polygon-style display system? Of course, there are many objects that are able to interact with us, ranging from weapons that can be used at any time to all objects that can be destroyed.
Obviously, yes, martial arts action games must be able to display a brutal impression and that’s why the existence of indestructible objects is mandatory. Well, there are more cool pieces of animation that will accompany our actions for real. That is, the camera view is not always in third-person view. In a few moments, Sifu will bring up many beautiful animation pieces that make him even more epic.
Oh, yes, related to the objects that can interact with us, that can also be the key to knowing the storyline in this game. We can look for evidence, clues, and even narratives in every frame of the story by finding objects around us. There are writings, track records, images, and many more object models that can be our guide in this game.
What about the audio? In the author’s ear, Sifu sounds just right. He is not bombastic nor is he at the bottom level. The sound of sputtering, punching, and kicking, all went according to the portion. Listening to all the sounds and audio using a headset, anyway, is more than enough to accompany us to complete the mission of revenge.

5. Martial arts action game that you should buy and play

Martial arts action game that you should buy and play


What does the author like about this game called Sifu? First, the game mechanics are intense and far from boring. Second, a unique visual style that has actually been able to look optimal, especially the animation pieces that make it even more exciting. Then, the martial arts technique system was made as the original. This is because the developer involved an original martial arts choreographer named Benjamin Colussi.
However, there is another crucial thing that the author considers will be a stumbling block for gamers, namely the placement of the camera’s angle of view which is sometimes very annoying. Several times, the author is quite difficult to fight because the camera’s angle of view feels inappropriate. Unfortunately, we cannot change the position of this shot because the status is already the default of the developer.
Oh, yes, if you don’t have a PS5 console, you can still play Sifu on the PS4 console, really. The price on the PlayStation Store is around IDR 500 thousand and for the PC version, the developer sets a much cheaper price, which is IDR 200 thousand, not including a 10 percent discount. Maybe it’s because of the price difference that the PC version of the Sifu game is quite in demand in the market.
So, what is the author’s conclusion to this one action game? A score of 4.5/5 is worth giving to Sifu. For lovers of single-adventure action games, this game is very worthy of being a collection, especially if you are a gamer who likes high challenges and difficulties. There’s nothing wrong with buying it on the PlayStation Store or Epic Games Store., you know
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