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Artist: Queen
Released: 1974
Genres: Rock music, Hard rock, Heavy metal, Progressive rock music

Queen II is the second album by British rock group Queen . It was published in 1974 and produced by Queen , Roy Thomas Baker, and Robin Geoffrey Cable. The album was recorded from August 1973 at Trident Studios.

Unlike other Queen albums, this album has a different side label. The first side is called the “White Side”. The second side is called the “Black Side”. This album includes a full version of the song “Seven Seas of Rhye” which was on the previous album, Queen , and is the only single on this album.

This album was recorded in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Queen Lyrics

“See What A Fool I’ve Been”

Well she’s gone, dear, gone this morning.
I wan’ see what a fool I’ve been.
Oh, Lord, guilty, cruel.
Fool I’ve been.
Yes, I did too much.

Didn’t leave, didn’t leave no letter.
Didn’t leave no warning.
You are noticing.
I guess I’m all to blame.
Oh, Lord.
I guess I’m all to blame.

See you later.
Take it.

Oh, my little dog ain’t too hungry.
No, no, he kept on barking.
The vicious thing just don’t seem the same.
Oh, no, no.
Oh, don’t be.
Said don’t feel the same.

See you later.
Now hit it like that.
Coming up strong.

Well, I got so lonely.
Went and told my neighbor.
She said, “Mm mm mm mm mm.”
Oh, Lord, what a fool I’ve been.

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And then she told what to do.
She said, “Go home.”

Well, she’s gone, gone this morning.
See what a fool I’ve been.
Oh, Lord.
What a fool I’ve been.

Thank you.