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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is still one of the best mobile MOBA games that has many fans. How not, in each patch, Mobile Legends always presents the latest skill upgrades and heroes complete with more exciting obstacles to play.

Not to mention the Mobile Legends rank sequence that challenges players to continue to level up their accounts. When you enter the rank mode, you will meet many other players who are in the same level so that the game takes place more fiercely.

Speaking of Mobile Legends rank level sequences, there are 8 updated rank sequences provided in the 2022 season. Arbitrary?

1. Warrior



Once you have successfully entered rank mode, then the level you have is Warrior. This Warrior rank mode opens automatically when you make it to level 8 of the classic mode and has at least 5 heroes.
Warrior itself consists of 3 levels, namely Warrior III, Warrior II, and Warrior I. To move up to the next level, you need to collect 3 stars at each level. Take it easy, in this ranking there is no star reduction if you lose in playing.
Including when Mobile Legends enters the reset rank period, players in the Warrior tier will get a reward in the form of a fragment for premium skins. In addition, you are also entitled to 1000 Battle Points and 100 tickets.

2. Elite



Up one level, there is an Elite rank that also has three levels namely Elite III, Elite II, Elite I. In this tier, you have to collect four stars at each level to be able to rise to the next level. With the level rise to elite rank, players are considered to have understood the concept of MOBA games.
Because of the increased experience, the challenge also increases. You will be subject to star reduction when you lose the game. Of course, it makes more and more spirited to play, right?
Well, the leveling and challenges are also accompanied by the rewards offered. When rank reset, you will be given 3x premium skin fragments, 2000 battle points, and 200 tickets. All of them you can use to upgrade your abilities or buy heroes during play.

3. Master



In the third tier there is a Master rank. At this level, you have to get ready for more exciting games. The reason is, you will have difficulty reaching and collecting stars. In fact, to move up to the next level you must have 4 stars in each level.
Rank Master itself has four levels, namely Master IV to Master I. When you get the Master rank, you will play with many other cool ability players. Unlike the previous two levels which are still dominated by games against bots.
Well, the most awaited is the reward when rank reset. Players at the Master level will get season exclusive skins, 4000 battle points, and 300 tickets. Interesting, huh?

4. Grandmaster



The more increased, the obstacles given are also more challenging. In the Grandmaster tier, you have to complete the Grandmaster V to Grandmaster I levels that have a difficulty level of more than the previous three levels.
To be able to move up to the next tier, you have to collect 5 stars or win at each level with opponents who are also getting more difficult. So challenging, many players actually use Mobile Legends cheats which are certainly not recommended, yes.
As soon as it entered the reset rank moment, the Grandmaster tier rewards also increased. You and other players who are in this rank get exclusive skin seasons, 7000 battle points, and 600 tickets that you can use to upgrade skills and heroes.

5. Epic



Are you ready to play Mobile Legends in the style of pro player e-sport? In the Epic tier, you will be asked to make a draft pick before starting the game. This draft pick system requires you to choose four heroes to be banned so that they cannot be played by both parties.
Rank Epic requires you to collect five stars at each level. However, this rank also consists of five levels of Epic V to Epic I. All of them require the right strategy and hero support to achieve victory.
Don’t be surprised if many players are still stuck in the tier that has this moss green color feature. With a more challenging system and equally experienced enemies, it’s no wonder that Moonton rewards rank reset exclusive skin season, 1200 battle points, and 1000 tickets.

6. Legend



Previously, the Legend level was the highest rank in the MOBA Mobile Legends game. However, this is no longer the case. As the player increased, Moonton also increased the difficulty until the Legend rank became the third highest rank.
Rank Legend consists of five levels, namely Legend V to Legend I. To be able to pass the Legend rank, you need to collect five stars at each level. This level obviously cannot be underestimated. The reason is, many professional players are at this level. So, your game will be even more difficult.
The application of good tactics with a capable Mobile Legends hero combo will widen the chances of winning the game. For those of you who are in the Legend rank will get exclusive skin season, 20000 battle points, as well as 1500 tickets that will be very useful for hero updates and skills.

7. Mythic



Entering the second highest ranking, it is not wrong if Mythic is among the hardest levels in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. You need to go through many matches to have skills and strategies that are qualified.
When you just enter the Mythic tier, you also have to pass 10 matches to determine the placement match.
Just like the previous rank, you need to pass through five levels, namely Mythic V to Mythic I which is certainly not easy. To level up, you no longer have to collect stars, but instead collect points called ‘Mythic Points’.
You can get this point from the game you win. However, remember, the points you have accumulated can be easily reduced when you lose while playing.
Don’t be surprised if later you papasan fight with professional gamers. The reason is, the Mythic level is indeed the place of gamers with unusual skills. At the end of the rank season, Mythic will get exclusive skin season prizes, Mythic expression, 20000 battle points, and 1500 tickets.

8. Mythical Glory

Mythical Glory


If you have reached the Mythical Glory level, then congratulations! You’ve successfully passed various challenges to reach the highest rank in Mobile Legends. From Mythic to Mythical Glory, you need at least 600 Mythical points.
At this level, the target is no longer to rise in rank, but to increase the points to the highest level in order to get into the leaderboard. Even if your points compete, you can enter the international leaderboard, you know! Interested?
Well, those were the 8 mobile legends rank sequences that you can achieve while playing this MOBA game. Are you ready to pass the challenge of each rank?
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