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Windows 10 has some very useful features that can help with daily productivity. One of its interesting features is Remote Desktop for Windows 10.

By using this Remote Desktop, you can access a computer device in the form of a desktop computer or laptop remotely. You don’t need to be where the computer is located.

Simply with Remote Desktop and an internet connection, you can already access the computer while you are at home. This is often done by IT supporters, when there is a problem with his computer device in the office when he is outside of office hours or he is on leave.

How to set up Remote Desktop in Windows 10

How to set up Remote Desktop in Windows 10


Remote Desktop uses a protocol called the name Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). This protocol allows you to be able to access your computer remotely. Remote Desktop does not need to be installed again in Windows 10. You must be using windwos 10 Pro or Enterprise version to use Remote Desktop.
Here’s how to set it up:
  1. Make sure your Version of Windows 10 first by going to settings by means of Start – Setting – System – About Us. On this page there will be an edition of Windows 10 that you are using.
  2. If your version of Windows 10 is Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, you can proceed to the next step to activate the Remote Desktop feature by starting – Setting – System. Then in the left menu section select Remote Desktop, and on the page on the right on the option Enable Remote Desktop is selected on.
  3. Then click confirm when a pop up appears to confirm your choice. After that, Remote Desktop is active on your computer. Windows 10 will instantly default settings for your computer’s security when using Remote Desktop. You can set it manually in the settings menu that has been provided such as limiting the user name or device that can access your computer. Don’t forget to give a user name that can access your computer so that people can’t access it randomly.
  4. After Remote Desktop is active, then you can access the computer remotely.
  5. To access it, you can install the Microsoft Remote Desktop application on a computer with a Windows operating system (OS) or Mac OS. For Windows you can download from the Microsoft Store and for Mac OS you can use the App Store.
  6. In addition to using a computer, you can also access it remotely using a smartphone, both smartphones with Android and iOS OS. For Android you can download the Microsoft Remote Desktop application on the Play Store while iOS on the App Store.
  7. When you have finished installing, you can connect to your computer that has remote desktop enabled by entering the computer name and user name.
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You can now access your computer remotely. If you are an IT Support, there is no need to worry anymore if there is a computer problem in your office. You can already access the computer from where you are. Good luck!