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Season Of Glass (2015)

Release Date: January 15, 2015
Genre: Dance, Pop
Length: 14:55
Label: Source Music
Distributor: KT Music, kakao M
Producer(s): Iggy, Seo Yong-bae, ZigZag Note, Kang Myung-shin, Credits and personnel

Season of Glass is the debut mini-album by South Korean girl group GFriend. It was released on January 15, 2015. It is the first installment of their School Trilogy.

Glass Bead (유리구슬; yuri guseul)
White (하얀마음; hayan maeum)
Glass Bead (inst.)

Release and promotions
In November 2014, Source Music announced the upcoming debut of their first girl group, named “GFriend”. On January 5, the whole group was unveiled and their album release date was announced.

GFriend’s debut mini-album (also called an EP) was released as a digital download on January 15, and was released in CD format the next day.

The music video for the lead single “Glass Bead” was produced by Zanybros and directed by Hong Won-ki. GFriend was designed to target a teenage audience, and the music video is set in various school locations, including a classroom and gym.

“Glass Bead” is the first song in the group’s “school series” and represents the start of school semester and enjoying time with friends.

GFriend promoted the album with performances of “Glass Bead” on various music shows, starting with Music Bank on January 16.

They presented an “innocent and youthful” image, wearing cheerleader-inspired outfits with simple hairstyles and minimal makeup. In contrast to their appearance, the group’s choreography was described as “powerful” and “energetic”.