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Fight To Survive (1985)

Released: November 9, 1985 (Japan) June 1986 (USA)
Recorded: Hotline Studios, Frankfurt, Germany, 1984
Genre: Heavy metalglam metal
Length: 44:32
Label: Victor (Japan) Grand Slamm Records (USA)
Producer: Peter Hauke

Fight to Survive is the debut album by the American-Danish glam metal band White Lion, released by Victor Records in Japan in 1985. The album charted at number 151 on the Billboard 200.

The band was signed to Elektra Records, which shelved the album with no intention of publishing it in the USA. Philadelphia-based Grand Slamm Records bought the album from Elektra and released it in America the following year.

Tramp has noted that once White Lion was dropped by Elektra Records, their manager managed to get the right to license the album and release it in Japan.

The album actually broke in Europe before it did in the USA thanks to magazines covering the band. Tramp is very proud of songs like “All the Fallen Men” and “Kid of 1,000 Faces,” which he considers among the darkest songs they have written.

The song “Broken Heart” was released as the band’s debut single and featured a music video with drummer Greg D’Angelo and bassist Dave Spitz appearing in the video.

The track was re-recorded and updated for the band’s 1991 release, Mane Attraction, and featured a new music video. “El Salvador” was released as a promo single.