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1st BEST (2018)

Kyou Kara Watashitachi wa ~GFRIEND 1st Best~
Type: Best
Released: May 23, 2018
Recorded: 2015-2018
Label(s): King Records

Kyou Kara Watashitachi wa ~GFRIEND 1st Best~ (今日から私たちは ~GFRIEND 1st BEST~) is the debut Japanese best album by GFRIEND. It was released on May 23, 2018 with “Kyou Kara Watashitachi wa” serving as the album’s title track.
The physical release comes in five editions: a regular edition, two limited editions (type A and B), a WEB edition and a KING e-SHOP edition.

The tracks are their previous title tracks since their debut.
Track list

“Glass Bead -JP ver.-”
“Kyou Kara Watashitachi wa (Me Gustas Tú) -JP ver.-”
“Toki wo Koete (トキヲコエテ) -JP ver.-”
“Navillera -JP ver.-”
“Love Whisper -JP ver.-”
“Trust -JP ver.-”
“Glass Bead (유리구슬) -KR ver.-”
“Me Gustas Tú (오늘부터 우리는) -KR ver.-”
“Rough (시간을 달려서) -KR ver.-”
“Navillera (너 그리고 나) -KR ver.-”
“Love Whisper (귀를 기울이면) -KR ver.-”
“Trust -KR ver.-”