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The computer or laptop you are using can be a wireless hotspot. This feature allows others to use the internet connection you are currently using. You can activate this feature in various ways.

The Windows operating system has two integrated methods to make the device a Wi-Fi hotspot, namely by using built-in applications and third-party applications. Here are some ways you can use windows devices.

1. Windows 10 Hotspot

This method can be used if you have a wired ethernet connection. To enable it, press the Windows key + Q and type mobile hotspot in the search field. Then choose the most suitable network.
Another way you can do, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot. Here, you can choose where you will share the internet connection to share from.

2. Using the Command Line

You can use the Command Line to enable and disable Wi-Fi hotspots using a wired connection. Press the Windows key + X to open the Start menu. Then select Command Prompt to open a new window.
Enter the following command:
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=AdHoc key=password
Then run the following command to start the network:
netsh wlan start hostednetwork
After that, press the Windows key + Q, enter view network connection in the search box, and select the most suitable network. Right-click your ethernet connection and select Properties, then sharing tab.
Click the box next to Allow other Internet users to connect through this computers Internet connection, then change the Home networking connection, enter the hotspot you just created, then press OK.

3. Use batch files

If you are going to use this hotspot network regularly, you can create batches of files to make the activation process automatic. Open a new text document and enter this:
Use batch files
After that, change the SSID and key you selected, then save the text file to your desktop. Now, change the file extension from .txt to .bat to batch the files.

4. Baidu Hotspot

Baidu Hotspot


Apart from the well-integrated windows 10 hotspot device function, there are some free third-party apps that you can try. One of them is Baidu Hotspot. This application presents several advanced features that you can get for free.
With a mix of basic and advanced features, Baidu Hotspot can be a very ideal choice if you want to activate the hotspot feature using a third party. The app will connect the network to various devices as well as display the transfer of files directly to the connected devices.

5. Connectify

Alternative third-party apps that you can use Connectify. It is one of the easiest and most intuitive Wi-Fi hotspot software to use. With the features and conveniences offered, this application can be a solution for daily use.
You can share a wired connection as a hotspot, or share a wireless network with other devices. If you want to switch to the PRO or MAX version, you will be able to share the 3G or 4G LTE network with the people closest to you.
Now you know how to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature on Windows 10 devices. Whether it’s using built-in software or third-party apps, the above methods can be a solution when you want to share your network with others. Good luck!
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