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The keyboard is one of the essential hardware to help with activities, both in the form of work and school. Keyboards are not only owned by desktop computer users, but are also needed for those of you who use laptops and prefer to use an external keyboard.

The selection of the right keyboard is very personal and tailored to personal needs. Here are some aspects to consider in choosing the appropriate keyboard for the activity.

1. Adjust to the type of work

Adjust to the type of work


Every job has different keyboard needs. For example, if you are a person who works with many numbers, then make sure your keyboard must be equipped with a numeric keypad or a special key to the numbers. This numeric keypad will certainly facilitate your work.
Unlike those of you who work as professional gamers, you should choose the type of gaming keyboard because this type of keyboard is equipped with a special keypad used for playing games. For those of you who have a job as a writer, it is important to choose the type of ergonomic keyboard or have a low profile and provide comfort to your fingers and wrists.

2. Types of keyboard switches

Types of keyboard switches


Keyboard switches have different types. Each of the switches gives a different sensation when pressed. The type of switches determines the responsiveness, the energy required to press the letter and how far the distance between the letters is.
Some types of switches include silicone dome, scissor, and mechanichal. Silicone domes have high keypad characteristics and are far from each other but at a price that is usually affordable. Meanwhile, the scissor switches have characteristics in the form of a close distance between the keypads, a more precise impression, less noisy, and require less power to press them.
These scissor switches are usually used on laptops and low-profile keyboards. Unlike the previous two switches, these mechanical switches are easier to personify because they can be adjusted how much pressure is and how loud the sound is produced.
These switches are usually a favorite of gamers because of their excellent responsiveness and produce accurate typing results. This type of keyboard is usually in the higher price range.

3. Keyboard design

Keyboard design


In general, keyboard designs can be distinguished into standard, gaming, and ergonomic keyboards. This keyboard design should be adjusted to the needs and preferences of each one.
Standard keyboards are usually in addition to being equipped with 104 keys also equipped with multimedia keys. Meanwhile, gaming keyboards are usually equipped with special keys to support gaming. The ergonomic keyboard itself has a design that is usually more comfortable and is intended for users who reduce pain in the wrist due to typing too much.
The layout of the keyboard is also important to consider because not all keyboards have the same arrangement of letters and multimedia key placement. Choose a layout that suits your taste and comfort.

4. Type of connectivity

Type of connectivity
Nowadays, the types of keyboard connectivity have varied. It is generally distinguished into a wired keyboard and a cordless keyboard. The selection of the two is also based on the purpose of use and taste.
A cordless keyboard will be aesthetically neater and usually also easy to connect to a smartphone or tablet. However, this type of keyboard has disadvantages such as having to be charged periodically and sometimes there is a lag between typing time and letters appearing on the screen.
This cordless keyboard is less suitable for gamers who need high precision and speed due to the risk of such pauses. On the other hand, for keyboards with cables, it does seem less neat and old-fashioned but this keyboard usually does not cause pauses so it is still the right choice for gamers.

5. Price



The last aspect to consider is the price. Look for a keyboard with specifications according to your needs and tastes that are still in accordance with the funds you prepare. Compare several brands with similar specifications and choose the most appropriate keyboard according to the price you are looking for.
It turns out that buying a keyboard is not a simple matter, it takes careful thought before determining the keyboard that you will put in the shopping cart. The tips above can give you an idea so that you don’t get it wrong to buy a keyboard.
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