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5 Fun Activities at Bras Basah Bugis Singapore

Starting from cultural tourism, and history, to the typical arts of Singapore.

Bras Basah Bugis (BBB) ​​is an area that is so lively and has a unique charm that it can provide a different experience when we visit Singapore.

This area is home to various museums, universities, houses of worship, historical monuments, as well as complete shopping centers. That’s why BBB is often referred to as Singapore’s historical, cultural, and arts district.

The history of the BBB began in the 1800s, which was a suburb of the city center that currently stands as Raffles Place. The name Bras Basah is said to have been taken from the rice sacks placed on the banks of the Bras Basah River which is now known as the Stamford Canal.

The BBB area used to be a place for sailors and military bases. However, BBB has grown from a suburb to a metropolitan area that retains elements of Singapore’s culture and history.

You can find various well-known universities here, such as Singapore Management University, LASALLE College of the Arts, and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art. We can also find historic Hindu churches, temples, and temples.

For foreign tourists, BBB is also known as a shopping destination with friendly prices. For Muslim tourists, this area also provides many halal restaurants that make culinary browsing convenient.

Here are a variety of exciting activities that we can do while visiting Bras Basah Bugis, Singapore.

Shop, Shop, and Shop!

Bras Basah and Bugis MRT stations are the gateways to shopping centers at BBB. There are five most famous shopping places in BBB, namely Bugis Street, Bugis+, Bugis Junction, Kapok at National Design Center, and Bras Basah Complex.

Each of these shopping places has a different consumer segmentation because they sell a variety of different commodities. Let’s look at the shopping guide at five BBB shopping centers that we can adjust to our tastes and needs.

1. Bugis Street

Bugis Street is known as the center of affordable fashion in Singapore. We can find affordable clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories at this one shopping place. There are also snack outlets for souvenirs and street food such as Hakka yam cake (snack from taro), Korean-style fried chicken, rice balls (fried srikaya filling), crepes, and many more to fill a hungry stomach while shopping. We can also shop for various brands here such as Chocolate Paradise, Japan Home, Bloom, and many other quality brands.

Address: 3 New Bugis Street, Singapore 188867

2. Bugis+

This 10-story shopping center is right next to Bugis Street. Bugis+ is a large mall that is convenient for shopping. We can find various streetwear clothing brands and well-known restaurants in this mall. The Bugis+ building is so iconic because of its shape which is called a “crystal mesh”. This building reflects light and lighting with advanced technology so that it attracts the interest of passing visitors.

Address: 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067

3. National Design Centre (NDC)

This place is the home of a local Singaporean boutique. We can find various brands and clothing collections from well-known local designers, each of which has its own characteristics. The NDC is also home to the Design Singapore Council or the national council for design. This board develops the design sector and helps Singapore use design for innovation and growth.

So it’s not surprising that NDC has become the location for design exhibitions, events, and programs aimed at moving the design sector.

Address: 111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969

4. Bugis Junction

The mall is famous as a shopping destination for young people because it is a place to buy contemporary fashion brand clothes and various anti-mainstream accessories such as bags to handmade jewelry. This mall also consists of three blocks of historic pre-war shop houses (Ruko) which are still preserved in their original form.

Address: 200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021

5. Bras Wet Complex

This is heaven for those of us who have hobbies or work in the arts. There are many musical instruments and art supplies and other hobby shops in the area. Ranging from sports equipment stores, and bookstores, to home decor stores. One of the famous shops in this shopping district is When I was Four, a one-stop shop with many handmade products. Bras Basah Complex is often referred to as a gathering place for hipster kids who are slang and trendy.

Address: 231 Bain Street, Singapore 180231

Dine at Muslim Friendly Instagramable Restaurants and Cafes

BBB is the right location for culinary tours with beautiful designs but affordable prices. We can find food from various Asian to Western, complete from appetizers to desserts. There are many cafes and restaurants in BBB that have Instagramable interior designs and beautifully garnished food. Here are some recommendations for Instagramable restaurants and cafes at BBB that Muslim tourists can also enjoy.

1. Big Fish Small Fish

The main menu of this restaurant is Fish and Chips with a variety of fish variants. Starting from Dory, Hoku, Snow Cod, Hake, to Haddock. One of the highlights of this restaurant is that we can choose our own sauce for dipping Fish and Chips, ranging from Salted Egg Sauce, Cheese Sauce, to Curry Sauce. We can also add free sauce if it runs out. Big Fish Small Fish is also famous for its a la carte menu options, platters, buckets, and kids’ meals, so it can be the perfect place to eat with our family.

Address: Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street #04-05 Singapore 188021

Dine at Muslim Friendly Instagramable Restaurants and Cafes

2. Josh’s Grill

Josh’s Grill is a casual steakhouse with a wide selection of beef, chicken, and seafood steaks. This restaurant is known for its quality steak dishes at an affordable price. Don’t forget to taste the Grilled Chicken Chops, Josh’s Famous Onion Rings, Fish & Chips, and Prawn Aglio Olio, some of the menus that are favorites for local visitors.

Address: Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street #01-69, Singapore 188021

3. Al-Jilani Restaurant

Is midnight hungry? We can rely on Al-Jilani Restaurant which is open 24 hours. This casual restaurant sells Indian, Malay, and Western specialties. The featured menu is briyani rice, roti prata (paratas), and murtabak (Indian fried martabak). The price of food at this restaurant is also affordable with large portions.

Address: 127 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189637

Learn the History of Singapore

Learn the History of Singapore

As one of the oldest districts in Singapore, BBB has many places to learn about Singapore’s history. We can learn history not only in museums but also through houses of worship and historical streets such as the following places.

1. National Museum of Singapore

The oldest museum in Singapore has been established in 1887. We can learn about Singapore’s history and culture, especially about its development from colonial times until now. The museum is also famous for various interesting programs such as special exhibitions for the elderly, workshops for children and the elderly, film shows, and festivals.

Address: 93 Stamford Road Singapore 178897

2. Peranakan Museum

This museum building is striking from its exterior, with a neo-classical building design from 1910. The contents of the museum exhibits are no less exciting because we can find the history of immigrants from China who came to Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia, who are now living in Singapore as Peranakans or immigrants. Chinese.

National Museum of Singapore

We can also learn about various Peranakan cultures in detail from traditional arts, special foods, and wedding customs, and much more information about the development of immigrants or Peranakan residents in this museum.

Address: 39 Armenian Street, Singapore 179941

3. Waterloo Street

We can find three historic houses of worship along Waterloo Street. There is the Hindu Sri Krishnan Temple, built in 1879, the Thong Hood Cho Temple, which was built in 1882, and the oldest synagogue in Southeast Asia, the Maghain Aboth Synagogue, which has been open since 1830. This house of worship is accessible to everyone, but be sure to dress modestly and not be intrusive. the course of worship that coincides with our visit.

Join Local Art Activities

Trying out arts-related activities at BBB can be an exciting agenda. In addition, artistic activities can be a means of recreation and stimulate creativity in the middle of the holidays. Various art activities that we can do include visiting art museums, participating in workshops, or visiting art exhibitions.

1. Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is an exhibition center for contemporary art in Southeast Asia and other Asian regions. Various art installations, ranging from videos, photos, paintings, and sculptures, can be found at SAM.

SAM always presents art exhibitions with different themes to make art lovers never get bored. In addition, SAM also regularly organizes the Singapore Biennale every two years. The international-scale art exhibition invites local and foreign artists to exhibit their works to the public.

Address: 71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189555

2. Museum Cathay Gallery

This art museum is arguably a paradise for art lovers in film format. Here is a collection of Singaporean and Malaysian films from the 1800s to the present. We can find classic movies, movie posters, old movie engines, and many other interesting collections related to movies in this gallery.

Address: 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233

3. National Library Singapore

National Library Singapore has a comprehensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, and audio-visual materials for all ages. This place can be a family-friendly educational entertainment because there are many interesting programs for children, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. We can take part in various interesting classes when we visit this library. Starting from children’s fairy tale classes, multi-sensory reading programs, and robotic workshops, to writing and illustration classes.

The National Library of Singapore also regularly holds educational exhibitions, such as the recently held Human x Nature exhibition, providing interesting explanations of human life side by side with nature.

Address: 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 188064

Take Pictures of Murals and Buildings with Charming Architecture

Don’t miss the opportunity to take pictures with beautiful buildings and murals in the background when you visit the BBB, which is famous for its arts, history, and culture district. Here are some recommended locations for cool photos at BBB.

1. Armenian Street

We can find three murals at once in the Armenian Street area. The first mural from the RSCLS artist group is located right in the parking lot of the Peranakan Museum. This mural depicts the multicultural area of ​​Bras Basah Bugis.

Then find a black-and-white mural entitled Sing Along If You Know The Words by local artist Farizwan Fajari who is known for his art, This Speak Cryptic. This mural depicts alternative rock music fans having fun.

The next mural is the Rasa Sayang mural from Lab Six Five. This pink mural depicts Singapore’s traditional shops in the past.

Address: 34 Armenian Street, Singapore 179933

2. Bras Wet Complex

Besides shopping at Bras Basah Complex, we can see and take pictures of murals made by students of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. There are dozens of murals with various themes and shapes that we can see in the shopping area as well as the Bras Basah Complex residential area.

Address: 231 Bain St, Singapore 180231


Previously this building was a school and chapel, but CHIJMES has now transformed into a lifestyle destination with a choice of restaurants, bars, and cafes within the historic building. The CHIJMES building dates back to 1853 in a neo-classical style, while the Anglo-French Gothic Chapel was built in 1904.

We can take pictures with the architectural background of CHIJMES which is very beautiful both interior and exterior, with gardens and fountains. So charming, CHIJMES was immortalized in the film “Crazy Rich Asians” in the wedding scene.

 with the architectural background of CHIJMES

The best time to visit BBB is during August because this month the Singapore Night Festival is held. We will see along the way Bras Basah Bugis will turn into beautiful light art installations, adapting to a different festival theme each year. The Singapore Art Museum and National Museum of Singapore buildings will also be provided with interactive light art installations so that they will look very spectacular during the Singapore Night Festival.

Singapore organizes the SG Clean campaign to ensure hygiene standards in public places across a wide range of industries, including the MICE, tourism, and food service industries.

SG Clean is made for the safety and comfort of everyone, including those of us who want to visit Singapore, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, the number of vaccine recipients in Singapore has reached more than 80 percent of the population. We also don’t forget to vaccinate before traveling, so that the holiday agenda in Singapore can be more comfortable and fun.