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Wireless gaming mice are the target of gamers to achieve their best performance. In addition to aesthetic reasons, wireless technology makes gaming activities free because of the lack of cables on the workbench.

Popular brands such as Logitech, Razer, and Corsair are proven to fill the premium mouse peripheral line. However, the unaffordable price is an obstacle for gamers to meet their needs. If you are looking for a cheap mouse with luxurious quality, check out the 5 cheapest wireless gaming mouse recommendations for 2022 below.

1. Rexus Arka 107

Rexus Arka 107


Rexus is the most popular local brand that provides gaming peripherals at affordable prices. Reported by the official rexus website, the Arka 107 mouse uses a Pixart PMW 3325 sensor, and is equipped with a sensitivity setting of up to 10,000 DPI.
The Mouse Rexus Arka 107 has seven buttons made by Huano. In terms of durability, Arka 107 can withstand up to 20 million clicks. The battery capacity is also relatively large, which is 900mAh.
You can change the function on the mouse button, through the software provided by Rexus.

2. Sades Oculus

Sades Oculus


Sades Oculus is equipped with a PMW 3325 sensor. The sensitivity setting of the Oculus can reach up to 10000 DPI. The mouse was equipped with six buttons that can be changed through Sades software.
The Oculus is perfect for the fingertip grip, and claw grip mouse user types. Unfortunately, the battery capacity is only 600mAh. However, the automatic feature turns off when 10 minutes of not in use, making the battery more efficient.

3. Dareu EM 901

Dareu EM 901
Dareu EM 901 is a wireless mouse that uses an ATG 4090 sensor. The mouse has sensitivity that can be adjusted up to 6000 DPI. There are seven buttons that can be adjusted to your liking through Dareu software.
Battery life is the appeal of dareu EM 901 mouse, a capacity of 930mAh is estimated to last up to 18 hours. The shape also looks symmetrical and is convenient to use for a long time.

4. Press Play Icarus

Press Play Icarus
The Icarus Press Play mouse comes with a weight of 77 grams, which is relatively light for the cheap mouse class. Unfortunately, the mouse with the Pixart PAW 3338 sensor only provides white.
There are as many as eight buttons available, which can be customized through the Press Play software. The sensitivity of Icarus is also relatively large, which is up to 16000 DPI. Press Play claims that the Icarus mouse has durability of up to 50 million clicks.
There is an auto sleep button for users who often forget to turn off the mouse. That way, the Icarus battery capacity becomes more efficient.

5. Fantech Helios XD3

Fantech Helios XD3


Fantech products are quite popular because they provide affordable gaming peripherals. The Fantech Helios XD3 mouse comes using a Pixart 3335 sensor, and has a sensitivity setting of up to 16,000 DPI.
The Fantech Helios XD3 is designed with dual connectivity, meaning it can be used wirelessly and wired. The battery capacity is 730 mAh. Fantech claims battery life can be up to 70 hours.
The durability of the Helios XD3 is claimed to withstand up to 50 million clicks, so you don’t need to worry if you are gaming with extreme click conditions. The color variants available are white, black, green, and pink.
So, those were the 5 cheapest wireless gaming mouse recommendations in 2022. The list of products above should be able to meet the needs of gamers.
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