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Just like in the real world, the characters in the game Cookie Run: OvenBreak are also made of ingredients for making pastries, such as flour, baking powder, and others. In addition, other ingredients are also added, such as chocolate.

However, not only ordinary chocolate is used, but also other types. Curious about what are the characters of Cookie Run: OvenBreak made of chocolate? Kuy, check out the following information!

1. White Choco Cookie

White Choco Cookie


As the name suggests, the basic ingredient of this Cookie Run: OvenBreak character is white chocolate. Unlike most cookies, White Choco Cookie is so reliable at playing fencing swords. Many female cookies are amazed by their skills.
To activate his skill, you need to press the slide button until the block above his head is full. Once full, the White Choco Cookie will run fast and produce white chocolate jelly. In addition, there is no need to be afraid of missing other jelly because during the slide, this cookie becomes magnetic.

2. Pink Choco Cookie

Pink Choco Cookie


Pink Choco Cookie is easily recognizable through her all-pink costume. The cookie, which was released in February 2018, has a mission to spread affection to all corners of the world with its love virus.
Pink Choco Cookie has a gun that can fire a Heart Beam. When fired, a delicious pink chocolate comes out that forms a heart. Not only that, the obstacles are destroyed and the cookies that are exposed to the rays will be immediately happy and blush with shame.

3. Chocolate Bonbon Cookie

Chocolate Bonbon Cookie


Chocolate Bonbon Cookie’s actions as a designer you don’t need to doubt. Having experience working for clothing museums, these cookies have high standards for their stitching. In order to maintain quality, he also does not hesitate to measure the body of his own clients.
Chocolate Bonbon Cookie himself is an expert in the field of sewing-sewing classic clothes. Her design is complicated, but the perfectly arranged brown layer makes the result of her clothes not disappointing. The cookie also often praised his hand-embroidered flower pattern made of gilded thread.

4. Choco Ball Cookie

Choco Ball Cookie


All football-loving cookies certainly know this one player. Is Choco Ball Cookie, choco FC’s mainstay striker. He has always won the title of most valuable player (MVP) in every league.
His natural talent for dribbling makes this cookie easily penetrate the opponent’s defensive fortress. In addition, through his powerful kick, the ball is definitely into the goal. Because it never misses a goal, there is no such thing as a “defeat” in the Choco Ball Cookie dictionary. Wow, it’s really pede, huh?

5. Cocoa Cookie

Cocoa Cookie


Last but not least, there is Cocoa Cookie. 80 percent of the dough is cocoa powder. Even so, this Cookie Run: OvenBreak character still likes to sip hot chocolate, both in winter and summer.
In addition to her love of chocolate, Cocoa Cookie also enjoys knitting. One of her best knitted results is the Knitaholic dress which is dominated by a combination of red and white fabrics. She wore the dress while relaxing in her giant hot brown cup.
Cookie Run: OvenBreak character is not only made of regular chocolate, but also white chocolate and even pink. Approximately, there are cookies that have been missed, right, from the list above? If there is, please let us know in the comments below!
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