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Using an external antenna on a modem device is the most accurate solution to get a good signal in remote areas. Installation of an external antenna is also very easy to do. You only need a long pole of bamboo or an iron pipe to put it on top of the house.

For now, there are very many types of external antennas on the market. For those of you who are looking for an external antenna for a modem, here the author has summarized the five best recommendations that you can use.

1. Yagi TXR 185 Antenna

Yagi TXR 185 Antenna
The first recommendation is the Yagi TXR 185 Antenna. This antenna has good qualities when it comes to capturing signals. Yagi TXR 185 works at a frequency of 850 to 960Mhz so that this antenna can be used in almost all types of modems, both GSM, CDMA, and 4G LTE.
The advantage of the Yagi TXR 185 is that it has a long signal reception range. This antenna is suitable for use in areas that are not reached by the signal at all aka 0 bar on a smartphone.
As for the shortcomings, the Yagi TXR 185 has a narrow shape so that it has a narrow focal point. The direction of the Yagi antenna head should be strictly fitted and the support mast should be solid. Just the slightest shake due to the wind will affect the signal reception. For the price itself, the Yagi TXR 185 antenna is sold starting from the range of IDR 450 thousand.

2. Yagi Grid Antenna

Yagi Grid Antenna
The second recommendation is the Yagi Grid antenna. Antennas of this model are suitable for use in areas with weak signals. Yagi Grid and Yagi TXR 185 work at the same frequency. The driven specifications used are also the same. The difference between the two antennas is only in the design. Even so, the difference in design turns out to affect the reception and how the antenna works, you know!
The advantages of the Yagi Grid Antenna have a wider focus point so that the signal obtained is more stable. As for the shortcomings, this antenna has a short firing range so it is not suitable for areas that do not get a signal at all. For the price itself, Yagi Grid is priced starting from IDR 300 thousand.

3. Periodic Log Antenna

Periodic Log Antenna


The third recommendation is the Log Periodic antenna. Antennas of this model are suitable for use for a long period of time. The Log Periodic antenna has a neat shape, closed, and has a not too large size. Thus, it is clear that this antenna is safer because it does not water and experiences a decrease in signal quality even though it is used for a long time.
Periodic Log Antennas work at frequencies of 700Mhz to 2700Mhz. That is, this antenna is able to increase the GSM signal to a 5G signal that works at a frequency of 2300Mhz.
Periodic Log Antennas have a wide variety of sizes; the longest reaches 51cm. For its own price, this antenna is sold starting from IDR 300 thousand.

4. Grid model antenna

Grid model antenna
The third is the Grid model antenna. This antenna is also highly recommended for increasing the modem signal. The Grid antenna basically has the same shape as the Yagi Grid antenna. The difference is, this Grid model antenna uses a different type of driver or head than yagi.
In terms of specifications, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Compared to the Yagi Grid, the advantage of the Grid model antenna lies in the driver being more durable because it is closed. Meanwhile, for the quality of signal reception, both are equally good. Grid model antennas are sold at very variable prices. For the cheapest price, it is in the range of IDR 300 thousand.

5. Kathrein



The last one you can choose Kathrein. This katherin is a detached component of the BTS tower. Kathrein himself has quite a lot of models; all of them have good quality in the process of signal reception. The Katherin antenna works at a frequency of 1700-2800mhz so it is suitable for upgrading the 4G LTE network on each modem.
For the price itself, Katherin is sold in units at a price of IDR 75 thousand. Meanwhile, for the ready-to-use Katherin, it is sold starting from IDR 300 thousand.
For those of you who live in remote areas and find it difficult to get an internet signal, using a modem device with the addition of an external antenna is the best solution. Of the five external antennas above, which one, yes, is your choice?
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